Countdown to the Referendum: Brexit and the WTO Agreement by Dr Erik Lagerlof


‘Countdown to the Referendum’ is a series of free downloadable articles by Matrix that will explore a number of legal topics surrounding the UK referendum on 23 June 2016. In this series the articles have covered a number of topics which are all available here. Authors include Nick Armstrong, Claire Darwin, Sir Paul Jenkins QC (Hon), Gavin Millar QC, Aidan O’Neill QC, Nick Randall QC, Mark Summers QC, Rhodri Thompson QC, Professor Takis Tridimas and Angeline Welsh.

In a guest post for the Matrix referendum series, Dr Erik Lagerlof asks whether the UK would be able to rely on the WTO agreement if it were to leave the EU. He argues that the UK as a joint contracting party alongside the EU and the other Member States will not continue to benefit from the WTO agreement if it decides to leave the EU.

Dr Erik Lagerlof is a senior associate at the Swedish law firm Vinge.

Download the article here: Dr Erik Lagerlof – Brexit and the WTO Agreement

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