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James Robottom: The Safety of Rwanda Act, Slavery and the Common Law

Commentary on the Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Act (“RA”), which is shortly to receive Royal Assent, has concentrated principally on its deeming of Rwanda as a safe country whilst ousting the supervision of courts. This post considers a separate issue – section 4 of the Act as it applies to victims of slavery […]

Legal opinion on proposed financial surveillance powers in Data Protection and Digital Information Bill

Dan Squires KC and Aidan Wills have produced a legal opinion on proposed powers in the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill to compel financial institutions to undertake large-scale monitoring of accounts to detect possible fraud and mistakes in the payment of benefits. This surveillance would be ordered by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), and there would […]

Matrix Podcast: What’s Your Beef?

In this podcast, Jamas Hodivala KC discusses with his guests Théa Bounfour and Jean-Philippe Foegle a money laundering complaint filed with prosecutors by the French NGO, Sherpa, alleging that banks are laundering the proceeds of environmental crimes committed by large Brazilian cattle companies.