Our insights section provides a collection of blog posts, podcasts articles and recent webinar recordings involving Matrix members.  

Matrix Law Pod: The Rule of Law: Roe v Wade – Endgame?

In light of the imminent overturning of Roe v Wade by the Supreme Court, Richard Hermer QC and Helen Mountfield QC discuss abortion rights in the United States with Professor Melissa Murray. Melissa Murray is a professor of constitutional law at NYU and is one of the United States leading academics on reproductive rights. In […]

The Rule of Law Pod Episode 1: The Laws of War – A Guide

Richard Hermer QC, Helen Mountfield QC and Murray Hunt record the first podcast in collaboration with Prospect Magazine – The Rule of Law Pod. Richard, Helen and Murray reflect on the history of the Matrix Pod and look towards topics that will be explored in this new collaboration. They are joined by Professor Andrew Clapham […]

The Matrix Law Pod Episode 30: The Rules of War

In our most recent podcast Richard Hermer QC and Professor Andrew Clapham discuss the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, together they examine the facts through the prism of International Law. They explore how International Law can be applied and how it might help to calibrate the actions and reactions of the warring parties. For those interested […]

DWP still discriminating against severely disabled people

Darryl Hutcheon & Zoe Leventhal publish an article in the latest edition of the Discrimnation Law Association’s publication Briefings, entitled “ DWP still discriminating against severely disabled people.” The article is based on the recent decision of R (TP, AR, AB and F) v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions [2022] EWHC 123 (Admin) […]

The Matrix Law Pod Episode 29: Russia – Ukraine: What’s law got to do with it?

Richard Hermer QC and Professor Andrew Clapham discuss the current crisis occurring on the Russia Ukraine border including the international legal obligations to offer assistance should a threat be recognised. For those interested in learning more about the legal framework governing war, we recommend Andrew’s latest book “War” published by the OUP and available for […]