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Coronavirus update: Matrix remains open with reduced opening hours (9-6pm). We are encouraging clients to hold meetings over video or telephone conference rather than in person. For all work enquiries, please call us on 020 7404 3447. To help direct your call further, please see our list of key contacts.

Core Values

Our core values govern the way we work and how our organisation operates. They mean that our lawyers and staff are committed to equality and fairness in all aspects of their work.

If you have any suggestions or queries about our core values we would be happy to discuss these with you. You can contact our Chief Executive, Rachel Holmes, by email or by phone on +44 (0)20 7404 3447.

Our 16 core values include:

A commitment to working together to deliver legal services

Teamwork and co-operation are important values. Although lawyers and associate members of Matrix are individual practitioners, they are committed to working together to deliver legal services including, in particular, through sharing legal knowledge and experience.

A democratic structure

Within the management structure, all lawyers have an equal say in the running of the organisation.

Client care and quality of service

Individually and as an organisation we are committed to providing a high quality of client care and legal service. See service standards for more.

Closer links between practising and academic lawyers

Academic lawyers have historically been an under used resource at the bar. We are committed to enhancing collaboration with academic lawyers. See our academic lawyers for more.

Continuing education

Matrix is committed to the continuing education of its members, associates and staff, for example by regular internal seminars and discussion groups and by supporting staff who wish to undertake relevant training and education.

Efficiency in administration and management

The organisation is committed to being professionally managed, using efficient and effective administrative procedures and systems, including state-of-the-art information technologies. See the staff team for more.


Matrix will take all reasonable steps to reduce the negative impacts of its activities on the environment including minimising its contribution to climate change except where the cost of doing so is wholly disproportionate to the benefit gained.

Ethical legal practice

Lawyers and associates members of Matrix have a shared commitment to the legal profession’s wider responsibilities to society.


We are independent practitioners with a professional obligation to promote the interests of our clients, whoever they may be. The organisation is committed to the protection of individuals’ rights as well as the interests of corporate clients and public and governmental bodies.


We are committed to innovation, for example by experimenting with new ways of delivering legal services. The organisation is committed to breaking down the traditional barriers between other providers of legal services.

Practice diversity

We are committed to respecting the diverse practice aspirations of each member. The organisation is run as an efficient business, although the maximisation of income generation is not the principal goal of the organisation itself. See our areas of practice for more.

Promotion of equality of opportunity

The organisation seeks actively to promote equality of opportunity. It is a long term aspiration that the organisation be comprised of roughly equal proportions of women and men, and that minorities be properly represented. It is one of the aims of the organisation to help facilitate access to the legal profession to those traditionally excluded. Download Matrix’s Equal Opportunities policy for further details. See recruitment for more.

Public service ethos

We are committed to a public service ethos. This includes a commitment to publicly funded work (including for public authorities), public interest litigation and, where appropriate, pro bono work. Such work is held in equal esteem with private client work.

Respect and courtesy

Matrix is committed to ensuring that all those who work within the organisation are treated with equal respect and courtesy at all times.


We are committed to offering training opportunities, including traineeships and other forms of training to members of the legal profession. See recruitment for more.

Work life balance

Matrix is committed to enabling all those who work within the organisation to achieve a proper balance between their working and home life.