We have more than 90 members at Matrix, with varying years of call and areas of expertise. Our members specialise in a wide range of   practice areas and are highly regarded in their fields. Find  out more about individual members by visiting their profiles below or  you can contact our staff team. Barristers at Matrix are regulated by the Bar Standards Board.

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    Mark Afeeva
    Mark AfeevaCalled: 1997
    Nick Armstrong
    Nick ArmstrongCalled: 2001 Solicitor: 1998
    Kwaku Awuku-Asabre
    Kwaku Awuku-AsabreCalled: 2015
    Alex Bailin QC
    Alex Bailin QCCalled: 1995 Silk: 2010
    Radha Bhatt
    Radha BhattCalled: 2020
    Sir Nicholas Blake
    Sir Nicholas BlakeCalled: 1974 Silk: 1994 Associate
    Kate Boakes
    Kate BoakesCalled: 2014
    Lord (Daniel) Brennan QC
    Lord (Daniel) Brennan QCCalled: 1967 Silk: 1985 Associate
    Christopher Brown
    Christopher BrownCalled: 2002 Called (Ireland): 2018
    Joanna Buckley
    Joanna BuckleyCalled: 2011
    Michelle Butler
    Michelle ButlerCalled: 2007 Solicitor: 2002
    Chris Buttler QC
    Chris Buttler QCCalled: 2004 Silk: 2021
    Prof. Christine Chinkin
    Prof. Christine ChinkinCalled: 2003 Academic
    Prof. Andrew Choo
    Prof. Andrew ChooCalled: 2002 Academic
    Ayesha Christie
    Ayesha ChristieCalled: 2014
    Prof. Andrew Clapham
    Prof. Andrew Clapham Academic Associate
    Rosalind  Comyn
    Rosalind ComynCalled: 2021
    Kate Cook
    Kate CookCalled: 1990
    Edward Craven
    Edward CravenCalled: 2007
    Claire Darwin
    Claire DarwinCalled: 2005 Called (Ireland): 2018
    Anita Davies
    Anita DaviesCalled: 2011
    Raj Desai
    Raj DesaiCalled: 2010 Solicitor: 2007
    Prof. Zachary Douglas QC
    Prof. Zachary Douglas QCCalled: 2006 Silk: 2015 Academic
    Catrin Evans QC
    Catrin Evans QCCalled: 1994 Silk: 2016
    Toby Fisher
    Toby FisherCalled: 2008
    Emma Foubister
    Emma FoubisterCalled: 2016
    Danny Friedman QC
    Danny Friedman QCCalled: 1996 Silk: 2013 Called (Northern Ireland): 2001
    Prof. Conor Gearty QC (Hon)
    Prof. Conor Gearty QC (Hon)Called: 1995 Silk: 2021 Academic
    Nicholas Gibson
    Nicholas GibsonCalled: 2009 Solicitor: 2004 Called (Ireland): 2020
    Tom Gillie
    Tom GillieCalled: 2013
    Jonathan Glasson QC
    Jonathan Glasson QCCalled: 1996 Silk: 2013
    Mark Greaves
    Mark GreavesCalled: 2016
    Sarah Hannett QC
    Sarah Hannett QCCalled: 2003 Silk: 2021
    Ian Helme
    Ian HelmeCalled: 2005
    Richard Hermer QC
    Richard Hermer QCCalled: 1993 Silk: 2009
    Nichola Higgins
    Nichola HigginsCalled: 2005
    Jamas Hodivala QC
    Jamas Hodivala QCCalled: 1998 Silk: 2020
    Sir Anthony Hooper
    Sir Anthony HooperCalled: 1965 Silk: 1987 Associate
    Anthony Hudson QC
    Anthony Hudson QCCalled: 1996 Silk: 2015
    Murray Hunt
    Murray Hunt Associate
    Raza Husain QC
    Raza Husain QCCalled: 1993 Silk: 2010
    Darryl Hutcheon
    Darryl HutcheonCalled: 2014
    Florence Iveson
    Florence IvesonCalled: 2012
    Tamara Jaber
    Tamara JaberCalled: 2013
    Tim James-Matthews
    Tim James-MatthewsCalled: 2018
    Jessica Jones
    Jessica JonesCalled: 2013
    Phillippa Kaufmann QC
    Phillippa Kaufmann QCCalled: 1991 Silk: 2011
    Janet Kentridge
    Janet KentridgeCalled: 1999
    Thomas Kibling
    Thomas KiblingCalled: 1990
    Samantha Knights QC
    Samantha Knights QCCalled: 1996 Silk: 2018
    James Laddie QC
    James Laddie QCCalled: 1995 Silk: 2012
    Helen Law
    Helen LawCalled: 2005
    Zoë Leventhal QC
    Zoë Leventhal QCCalled: 2002 Silk: 2022
    Lord Ken Macdonald QC
    Lord Ken Macdonald QCCalled: 1978 Silk: 1997 Associate
    Sara Mansoori QC
    Sara Mansoori QCCalled: 1997 Silk: 2022
    Prof. Jonathan H. Marks
    Prof. Jonathan H. MarksCalled: 1992 Academic
    Zoe McCallum
    Zoe McCallumCalled: 2016
    Gavin Millar QC
    Gavin Millar QCCalled: 1981 Silk: 2000 Called (Northern Ireland): 2010
    Eleanor Mitchell
    Eleanor MitchellCalled: 2015
    Eleni Mitrophanous QC
    Eleni Mitrophanous QCCalled: 1999 Silk: 2020
    Karon Monaghan QC
    Karon Monaghan QCCalled: 1989 Silk: 2008
    Clare Montgomery QC
    Clare Montgomery QCCalled: 1980 Silk: 1996 Called (Northern Ireland): 2001
    Prof. Gillian Morris
    Prof. Gillian MorrisCalled: 1997 Academic
    Helen Mountfield QC
    Helen Mountfield QCCalled: 1991 Silk: 2010 Academic
    Blinne Ní Ghrálaigh
    Blinne Ní GhrálaighCalled: 2005 Called (Northern Ireland): 2013 Called (Ireland): 2017
    Jesse Nicholls
    Jesse NichollsCalled: 2010
    Aidan O’Neill QC (Scot) QC
    Aidan O’Neill QC (Scot) QCCalled: 1996 Silk: 2017 Called (Ireland): 2020
    Ifeanyi Odogwu
    Ifeanyi OdogwuCalled: 2011
    Tim Owen QC
    Tim Owen QCCalled: 1983 Silk: 2000
    Raj Parker
    Raj ParkerCalled: 1983 Solicitor: 1988 Solicitor Advocate: 1994 Associate
    Vedrana Pehar
    Vedrana PeharCalled: 2008
    Laura Prince
    Laura PrinceCalled: 2003
    Mathew Purchase QC
    Mathew Purchase QCCalled: 2002 Silk: 2021
    Nicholas Randall QC
    Nicholas Randall QCCalled: 1990 Silk: 2013 Associate
    Nathan Roberts
    Nathan RobertsCalled: 2014
    James Robottom
    James RobottomCalled: 2009
    Matthew Ryder QC
    Matthew Ryder QCCalled: 1992 Silk: 2010
    Sarah Sackman
    Sarah SackmanCalled: 2008
    Prof. Philippe Sands QC
    Prof. Philippe Sands QCCalled: 1985 Silk: 2003 Academic
    Katy Sheridan
    Katy SheridanCalled: 2020
    Ben Silverstone
    Ben SilverstoneCalled: 2009
    Jessica Simor QC
    Jessica Simor QCCalled: 1992 Silk: 2013
    Kirsten Sjøvoll
    Kirsten SjøvollCalled: 2012
    Paul Skinner
    Paul SkinnerCalled: 2010
    Lorna Skinner QC
    Lorna Skinner QCCalled: 1997 Silk: 2021
    Hugh Southey QC
    Hugh Southey QCCalled: 1996 Silk: 2010 Called (Northern Ireland): 2010
    Dan Squires QC
    Dan Squires QCCalled: 1998 Silk: 2016
    James Stansfeld
    James StansfeldCalled: 2008
    Robbie Stern
    Robbie SternCalled: 2017
    Mark Summers QC
    Mark Summers QCCalled: 1996 Silk: 2014
    Rhodri Thompson QC
    Rhodri Thompson QCCalled: 1989 Silk: 2002
    Hugh Tomlinson QC
    Hugh Tomlinson QCCalled: 1983 Silk: 2002
    Prof. Takis Tridimas
    Prof. Takis TridimasCalled: 2000 Academic
    Guy Vassall-Adams QC
    Guy Vassall-Adams QCCalled: 2000 Silk: 2016
    Adrian Waterman QC
    Adrian Waterman QCCalled: 1988 Silk: 2006
    Antony White QC
    Antony White QCCalled: 1983 Silk: 2001 Called (Northern Ireland): 2016
    Richard Whittam QC
    Richard Whittam QCCalled: 1983 Silk: 2008
    Aidan Wills
    Aidan WillsCalled: 2015
    David Wolfe QC
    David Wolfe QCBarrister Since: 1992