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Senior Management

Matrix is a professionally managed organisation guided by our core values. Our staff are committed to excellence in all areas and work in line with our service standards. Our senior team have overall responsibility for Matrix in all of its key areas, and are assisted by their individual teams.

Lindsay Scott, Chief Executive
+44 (0)20 7404 3447

Lindsay Scott is responsible for the overall management of Matrix, including the development of client relationships, marketing strategy, human resources, and ensuring our core values inform how we work as an organisation. She works closely with the practice managers to direct and develop the practices of our lawyers. She also has responsibility for the development of individual areas of law. Lindsay attends a number of business development trips across the world as part of her role, and promotes Matrix at conferences and events.

She is happy to speak to anyone who might have queries about Matrix, our services, our lawyers or the English legal system. She is also your first point of contact for any concerns you may have about the service you have received.

Lindsay has been with Matrix since 2006 and was previously a solicitor.

Jason Housden, Senior Practice Manager
+44 (0)20 7611 9399

Jason leads the practice administration and is responsible for the individual business development of Matrix members in his team. He is specifically involved with members who specialise in commercial, EU and competition law, public, immigration, education, health and mental capacity, community care, human rights and environmental law, and members working in corporate human rights compliance.

Jason directly assists our Chief Executive, Lindsay, on a number of different issues and also oversees elements of our marketing strategy, our client relationship management system and ensuring that our service standards are maintained throughout the organisation. He also attends business development trips and conferences in order to promote Matrix to our clients. Jason also assist all other staff teams in project relating to IT systems and productivity.

Jason has worked in barristers’ chambers since 1986 and joined Matrix in 2007.

Kevin Hooper, Chief Operating Officer
+44 (0)20 7611 9327

Kevin has overall responsibility for the operations of Matrix, including company finances, management accounts and overseeing the annual financial audit of the company’s accounts. He works on specific projects such as premises management and refurbishment, IT and bespoke projects.

Kevin supports our Chief Executive, Lindsay, acts as Company Secretary to Matrix’s service company and ensures compliance with the requirements of Companies House.

Kevin has worked at Matrix since 2001 and was previously a solicitor.