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Extradition, EU law and mutual legal assistance

Mark is a specialist in all areas of extradition and mutual assistance, international law and criminal EU law.

Mark is regularly instructed to advise and appear on behalf of individuals and foreign governments in proceedings in the United Kingdom and abroad. He was previously Chair of the Extradition Lawyers’ Association.

His caseload has included ● Elgizouli (AP) v Secretary of State for the Home Department ● India v Vijay Mallya ● The Mozambique “tuna bond” fraud ● USA v Naviner Sarao (the 2010 “flash crash”) ● USA v Kareem Serageldin (Credit Suisse executive prosecuted for his part in the 2008 financial crisis) ● the collapse of Enron (the “NatWest 3”) ● Spain v Rwandan intelligence chief, General Karenzi Karake ● Sweden v Julian Assange  ● South Africa v Shrien Dewani  ● Bucnys v Ministry of Justice ● the attempted Regicide of the King of Spain ● Edwards & Harkins v United Kingdom ● Woolley v United Kingdom ● the Madrid train bombings  ● the 9/11 attacks  ● the ‘fertiliser’ bomb plot  ● the 2001 US anthrax bio-terrorism attacks  ● the murder of Theo van Gogh  ● the creation of the ‘Trojan Horse’ commercial espionage computer virus ● hacking into the Pentagon and Pearl Harbour and NASA computer networks  ● the sale of decommissioned radioactive metals  ● KGB espionage in the former Soviet bloc  ● treason  ● impairing the battle-readiness of the US Atlantic fleet  ● defendants on the FBI’s “10 most wanted” list.

Crime and regulatory

Mark has represented senior members of both the Bar and Judiciary as defendants in criminal proceedings, including proceedings before the Privy Council. He is particularly experienced in the law of abuse of process, including irregular extradition and breach of specialty.

The broad spectrum of Mark’s criminal trial and advisory work includes ● defending in the Pakistani cricket spot-fixing trial ● death row litigation before the Privy Council ● advising the Public Solicitor of St. Helena & Ascension on the operation of the fair trial provisions of the Islands’ new Constitution. Mark’s current crime and regulatory caseload includes ● allegations of sanctions evasion ● proceedings concerning the legality of the policing of the Royal Wedding  ● advising Libyan nationals concerning allegations of torture and rendition.


Mark’s extradition, MLA and general criminal practices all have a particular focus on anti-terrorism and cases concerning complex cross-border and jurisdictional issues. His terrorism trial caseload before the UK courts has recently included ● R v Anjem Choudary ● the 1982 Hyde Park IRA bombing ● Syrian fundraising ● “operation Examine”; terrorist fundraising and suicide plot to attack unknown targets in the UK  ● “operation Norbury”; the plot to blow up the London Stock Exchange ● “Operation Overt”; the 2006 Heathrow airline liquid bomb plot  ●  the 21/7 London bombing attempts  ● R v Tsouli (aka “terrorist007” – reputed to be Al-Qaeda’s ”webmaster” and “cyber-Muhajid”)  ● the ‘ricin’ conspiracy   ● the murder of DC Oake  ● the Stansted Airport Afghan Airlines hijacking  ● production of chemical weapons.


Privacy Notice

Mark is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. In order to provide legal services to his clients, including advice and representation services, Mark needs to collect and hold personal data. Mark’s Privacy Notice contains full details of when, why and how he will store and process personal data. To read his Privacy Notice, please click here.

Mark is regulated by the Bar Standards Board and accepts instructions under Standard Contractual Terms. To find out more information on this and the way we work at Matrix, including our fee transparency statement, please see our see our service standards.


Mark is consistently ranked by both Chambers and Partners and the Legal 500 and as a leading silk in crime and extradition:

“An absolutely outstanding silk whose knowledge and intellectual breadth really set him apart.” “A great scholar and a powerful advocate who is very knowledgeable.”

“Great in front of a jury, he is extremely talented and prepared to take difficult and novel legal points.” (Chambers & Partners, 2021)

 “A powerful and eloquent advocate; he leaves no stone unturned and is on top of every detail.” (Legal 500, 2021)

“an outstanding intellect” (Legal 500, 2020)

“His attention to detail is just phenomenal. Every single last ounce of the material is dealt with. He is unflappable and is very effective on pre-charge work.” (Chambers and Partners 2020) 

A “ridiculously good” practitioner praised for his skill with “tricky extradition questions,” he is an expert in mutual legal assistance, and represents individuals as well as European and other governments in all manner of extradition cases. “He brings his vast knowledge of the extradition field and uses it to dazzle judges in a very effective way.” (Chambers and Partners 2020) 

“Extremely knowledgeable, clever and hard-working.” (Chambers and Partners 2020) 

“His advocacy is very enjoyable to watch: he is very careful with the judges and he pushes gently.” (Chambers and Partners 2020) 

“Undoubtedly one of the most impressive extradition silks in the business. His command of domestic and EU extradition law is intimidating.” (Chambers and Partners 2020)

…An exceptional advocate who is an expert in mutual legal assistance, and represents individuals as well as European and other governments in all manner of extradition cases. He has particular experience of handling US extradition matters. Market sources note:  He is fantastic and a go-to extradition silk…Out of all of the younger extradition silks, he is widely regarded as one of the best. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of case law…’ (Chambers and Partners 2018)

…A brilliant extradition specialist who has a down-to-earth manner that inspires confidence…His performance at substantive hearings is very impressive…’ (Legal 500 2018)

“…An extremely knowledgeable and thorough silk who is an expert in mutual legal assistance…He has particular experience of handling US extradition matters…His technical knowledge is phenomenal, and he knows cases not just from this jurisdiction but from all around the world. He has an incredible grasp of detail and enjoys the confidence of all the judges..” (Chambers and Partners, 2017)

“At the top of the tree: bright, phenomenally hardworking and abundantly talented…A top lawyer, who takes every possible point for his clients and is first-rate in his examination of witnesses” (Legal 500, 2017)

…Described as “extraordinarily talented”, he comes highly recommended for his impressive courtroom manner. He is an expert in mutual legal assistance, and represents individuals as well as European and international governments in all manner of extradition cases. He has particular experience in handling US extradition matters. “He has what is pretty much unrivalled expertise in the field and a really detailed knowledge of the case law”, “He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of this area, his written work is amazing and he’s an incredibly effective advocate”…” (Chambers and Partners, 2016)

He “receives praise for his outstanding knowledge of extradition law and his continued presence in cutting-edge test cases…He is particularly recommended for his handling of terrorism-related extradition charges…He is very good and extremely knowledgeable…he has got a complete encyclopaedic knowledge of every extradition case there has ever been and is very good strategically…” (Chambers & Partners, 2015)