Media and Information Law

Media and Information law is undergoing a period of rapid and wide-ranging change. The processing and publication of information is covered by a complex network of statutory and common law restrictions and remedies.  In addition to the established claims in defamation and misuse of private information, the specialist Media and Communications List now deals with all data protection claims and with breach of confidence cases.  In addition, many harassment cases involved the publication of information.  Media and information cases regularly give rise to “open justice” issues and orders which affect media publication.

The Matrix Media and Information Team provides the full range of expertise across all these areas. Matrix members have been at the forefront of the development of media and information law over recent years and have appeared in many of the leading cases.

Our team offers unrivalled expertise in media related cases for both claimants and defendants, including defamation, privacy, data protection, harassment and reporting restrictions.  We provide a full service for bringing and defending privacy and harassment injunctions.

Matrix barristers also practise in a broad range of complementary practice areas such as crime, public law and sports law and the Media and Information Team regularly provides advice and representation on media related issues arising in these areas.

Court Orders affecting the Media

Matrix barristers are leading experts on issues concerning the media’s ability to report court proceedings to the general public and frequently appear in the most challenging and high-profile cases, both at first instance and on appeal.

Data Protection

Matrix barristers act for clients ranging from individuals to media organisations, public bodies, regulators, search engine providers, and social media companies. They have been instructed in many of the leading data protection cases, including in the Supreme Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Defamation and Privacy

Matrix’s Media and Information Team regularly appears on both side of defamation and privacy claims, with members involved in many of the most high-profile cases of recent years.


Barristers at Matrix have in depth knowledge and experience of all areas relating to harassment. They have acted in all the various types of cases in which harassment can arise and have been involved in some of the leading cases.