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The Matrix Law Pod Episode 7: United or Divided? The virus and devolution

The importance of the powers of the devolved administrations of the United Kingdom became clearer following the Prime Minister’s announcement that we were to begin relaxing the lockdown restrictions and each of the administrations adopted a slightly different approach. This week we speak to Prof Aileen McHargDr Evelyn Collins CBE and Prof Daniel Wincott about the differing responses to the virus across the UK and about the potential effects that these responses might have on a further devolution of power in the future.


The Matrix Law Pod Episode 6: The State of the Union – Trump, the virus and the American way

In this week’s podcast, we speak to Professor David Cole, Legal Director of the American Civil Liberties Union, about human rights and the rule of law in the USA. We examine the USA’s response to the Covid crisis and what it tells us, not simply about the strength of the rule of law there but what the consequences of the US experience might be for the rest of us and the international legal order.

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The Matrix Law Pod Episode 5: Every breath you take – data tracking in the age of Covid-19

This week the Matrix Law Pod addresses the human rights implications of how Governments are increasingly turning to technology, not least data tracking, to help ease us out of lockdown.  In this episode we explore not just the benefits that this tech might bring but what the dangers and downsides might be.

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The Matrix Law Pod Episode 4: Unequal Impact: Race, Gender and Poverty in Times of Crisis

This week we speak to Afua Hirsch and Martha Spurrier about the impact on existing inequalities within our society, most particularly race, gender and poverty, in times of crisis. It is becomingly increasingly clear that whilst the coronavirus itself does not discriminate, its effect does and is cruelly amplifying existing inequalities.

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The Matrix Law Pod Episode 3: The Sound of Silence: The Vacuum in International Leadership and its Impact on the World’s Poorest

This week we are continuing to look at the international response to the coronavirus crisis but turning from examining the impact on wealthy, albeit troubled nations, to those toward the bottom end of the economic scale or at least in which a significant proportion of populations live in extreme poverty.

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The Matrix Law Pod Episode 2: Power Grabs – Covid Across the Globe

This week’s podcast focuses on how other countries are reacting to Covid-19 and in particular how regimes governed by populist governments are coping. Richard Hermer QC, Phillippa Kaufmann QC and Murray Hunt are joined by human rights activists Stefania Kapronczay, Michael Sfard and Patricia Ho to discuss the situation in Hungary, Israel and the OPT, […]


The Matrix Law Pod Episode 1: Public Emergencies and the Rule of Law

Introducing The Matrix Law Pod, a new weekly podcast addressing how law, courts and the rule of law are holding up in the Covid Crisis both in the UK and abroad. Launching this week with ‘Public Emergencies and the Rule of Law’, Phillippa Kaufmann QC, Murray Hunt and Richard Hermer QC discuss the UK’s approach […]