Corporate Social Responsibility, Investigations and Audits

Matrix combines the expertise of highly regarded barristers, foreign lawyers and academics to offer swift, comprehensive governance advice and lead in-depth investigations. Matrix’s expertise across its wide range of practice areas enables members to provide practical solutions to difficult problems that arise in organisations.

Our Services

Members at Matrix have extensive experience advising organisations on a range of issues relating to their actions or the actions of their employees and any subsequent investigations or independent reviews. Situations that Matrix members typically advise on include:

  • Auditing company policies and corporate governance structures
  • Acting as monitors
  • Acting as an independent investigator
  • Advising companies on a range of issues including:
    • Conduct issues
    • Allegations of criminal behaviour
    • Conflicts of interest
    • Employment law issues including the treatment of whistleblowers
    • Governance issues
    • Asset issues
    • Reputation management
    • Damage limitation and crisis management
    • Navigation of regulatory rules
    • Data loss, cybercrime and data protection
    • Tax evasion
    • Competition related investigations, including dawn raids
  • Managing internal and external dispute resolution within organisations, including arbitration, mediation and ad hoc disciplinary tribunals
  • Providing specialist CSR consultancy services

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Our Clients

Our clients include multinational corporations, law firms, banks, directors, regulators, professional bodies, foreign Governments, newspapers and media outlets, in the UK and internationally. Whilst many of the issues that barristers deal with are highly confidential, a few examples of work include:

  • Advised law firms on lawful steps to promote diversity in its partnership
  • Acted as Chairman of the Review Committee and Mediation scheme for the UK Post Office
  • Reviewed the Government’s anti-terror legislation at the request of the Home Office
  • Audited the policies of the Internet Watch Foundation
  • Independent review commissiond by the Financial Conduct Authority into a collective investment scheme together with recommendations
  • Special adviser on CSR to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights