Serious Crime (including terrorism) and Trial Advocacy

Serious Crime and Trial Advocacy

The Matrix crime team offers outstanding trial advocates and barristers who are expert in criminal appeals. Matrix barristers regularly appear in cases across the criminal spectrum from the Magistrates’ courts to the Supreme Court.

Trial Work

Matrix barristers are experienced in conducting trials across a range of areas including terrorism, organised crime, dishonesty, private prosecutions, murder, manslaughter and historic sexual offences.

Matrix barristers are regularly instructed in politically sensitive, high profile and legally complex cases and are also known for their independence, resilience and commitment to each client’s case.

Litigation Strategy

Matrix barristers bring a forensic eye for detail to criminal work and a detailed consideration of all aspects of the investigatory and trial process. Matrix barristers provide strategic guidance and advice to individuals caught up in criminal investigations, both pre-and post-charge.

Members of the team are known to have a range of supplementary skills to support their criminal expertise including reputation management; civil and public law actions in tandem with criminal investigations; and investigatory powers expertise.

Appellate Work

Matrix crime team members are frequently instructed to explore avenues of appeal in cases where they did not appear at the trial, and the team’s innovative intellectual approach to criminal cases means that members often argue points of law before the Court of Appeal, Supreme Court and the European Court of Human Rights.

Matrix barristers regularly advise on applications to the CCRC and work closely, often over a period of years, with clients seeking to overturn historic convictions or obtain compensation for wrongful convictions.

They advise on and action pro-bono death-penalty litigation, in addition to international criminal law work.