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Here you will find information regarding our service to our clients, including contractual terms, our complaints procedure, reasonable adjustments, and our service standards.  Barristers at Matrix are regulated by the Bar Standards Board, for regulatory information, please visit our Code of Conduct page.

Service standards

Each year we set out our service principles to our clients in one document. This can be downloaded as a PDF here: Matrix Service Standards. Please contact us if you would like it in a different format. The members and staff at Matrix are committed to excellence in all areas of service. We aim to deliver value for all our clients and welcome feedback on any aspect of the service we provide. You can provide feedback by contacting our Chief Executive, Rachel Holmes.

Fee Transparency

The Practice Team at Matrix operate an open and transparent approach to fee negotiating and welcome discussion about alternative terms on a case by case basis. Generally in privately funded matters, our barristers work on hourly rates and fixed fees (including brief fees). We are happy to provide fee estimates in advance of work being undertaken and agree a timeline for the delivery of the work. There are several factors which might influence the timescale of the provision of legal services. These include the complexity of the matter; the availability of the client, the barrister and any relevant third parties; the volume of documents to review; the need for additional information or documents; court waiting times and the urgency of the matter.

Data centre | Legal Ombudsman

The Barristers’ Register (barstandardsboard.org.uk)

Barristers at Matrix are regulated by the Bar Standards Board. The Barristers’ Register is an online database which displays details of all barristers who are authorised to practise in England and Wales and have a current practising certificate, the dates of which are displayed on the register.  The  Register also includes information about barristers’ practising status, their practising address, the reserved legal activities they are authorised to undertake and whether they have been the subject of any disciplinary findings.

Standard contractual terms for members

Our members work under the standard default terms provided by the Bar Council of England & Wales, known fully as The Standard Contractual Terms for the Supply of Legal Services by Barristers to Authorised Persons 2012 (Updated for the GDPR in 2018). In addition, The Standard Contractual Terms Governing the Acceptance of Legal Aid Instructions for the Supply of Legal Services by Barristers to Authorised Persons in Civil (Non-Family) Cases are adopted in respect of civil legal aid cases. Details of both these sets of terms can be found below.


If you have an issue with the service we provide, please follow our complaints procedure, which is downloadable as a PDF here: Complaints Procedure 2024 and can be found below.

We have also prepared a client information leaflet for lay clients with information about Matrix and how lay clients may complain to the Legal Ombudsman (which can also be found below).

Equality & Diversity

In addition to fulfilling our legal and regulatory obligations with regards to equality and diversity, Matrix is committed to advancing equality of opportunity for all, promoting a good and harmonious working environment, preventing unlawful discrimination harassment and victimisation and taking lawful positive action where appropriate. You can find out more by reading our Equality and Diversity Policy and visiting our CSR section. 

We are happy to make reasonable adjustments to our practices and facilities, including visits to our offices, in order to improve accessibility for those with disabilities or special requirements. Please contact us to arrange this. You can speak to our Equality & Inclusion Manager, Alice Brighouse, or if your query is related to recruitment, please speak to our HR Manager, Lindsay Clarke. 

You can view our data regarding the diversity of our workforce, as required by the Bar Standards Board, here: Matrix Diversity Data 2022. 

Privacy Notice

Matrix’s Privacy Policy can be found here (also listed below).

We want you to know that when you use our organisation you can trust us with your information. We are determined to do nothing that would infringe your rights or undermine your trust. Our Privacy Notice describes the information we collect about you, how it is used and shared, and your rights regarding it.

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