The Law of Nations Podcast: Episode 5 – The Forgotten Flight


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Welcome to the fifth episode of The Law of Nations’ podcast series.

The Law of Nations provides a unique insight into developments in international law. Focused on developments involving the United Kingdom, the podcasts draw on comparative law from around the world.

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In this episode, Stuart H. Newberger appears in conversation with Helen Mountfield QC to discuss his new book, The Forgotten Flight, with introductory remarks from Ben Emmerson QC.

On September 19, 1989, 170 people were killed when UTA Flight 772 was destroyed by a suitcase bomb planted by Libyan agents. Despite being one of the deadliest terror attacks in history, outside France it remained overshadowed by the Lockerbie bombing that had taken place ten months earlier. Both attacks were carried out at the instruction of Libya’s dictator Muammer Qaddafi, but while ‘Lockerbie’ became synonymous with international terrorism, UTA 772 became the ‘forgotten flight’. As a lawyer, Stuart H. Newberger represented the families of the seven Americans killed in the UTA 772 attack. Now he tells the story of the ‘forgotten flight’ for the first time.

Stuart H. Newberger is a senior partner at Crowell & Moring LLP in Washington, D.C. His practice centres on handling complex international disputes, many involving the actions of governments.

Helen Mountfield QC is a founder member of Matrix Chambers. She is an administrative and human rights law specialist, with particular expertise in the cross-over between international and national law, and terrorism and national security law (among other areas).

Ben Emmerson QC is a founder member of Matrix Chambers. He is an international lawyer, specialising in European human rights law, public international law and international criminal law. He is the UN Special Rapporteur on Counter Terrorism and Human Rights.