Private Equity Fund loses claim to privacy over racism, fraud and anti-Semitism claims


Re: Queensgate Investments LLP and Ors v Millet UKEAT/0256/20/RN

Queensgate LLP, a private equity fund, have lost a bid to keep claims of racism, fraud and anti-Semitism private. A former executive at the fund, Jonathan Millet, claimed that the fund’s chief executive misled investors and lenders and also raised allegations of harassment in the office.  Mr Millet claimed that he had been dismissed for whistleblowing and brought an application for interim relief. Queensgate contended that all interim relief applications should be heard in private, but the Employment Tribunal dismissed this contention. This week, the Employment Appeal Tribunal has dismissed Queensgate’s appeal, and held that interim relief applications should be heard in public.  This is the first time that this point has been argued at appellate level in the 45 years that interim relief has been available.

James Laddie QC was involved in this case.

Judgment is  here.