Court: County Court

Giving.com Limited did not act as a service provider for the purposes of the Equality Act when it provided services to registered charities

Kenny Johnston v Giving.com Limited, Case No 226MC647 (2nd November 2022)

When Giving.Com Limited provided services to registered charities and non-profits, including a charity run by the Claimant, it was not acting as a service provider for the purposes of s29(1) of the Equality Act 2010. Those services were not services to the public or a member of the public within the meaning of s29(1) EA […]

County Court rules ITV does not need to provide subtitles on their ‘ITV Hub’ service

Maynard v ITV PLC Registered Office Claim No. D4QZ88PO

The claimant alleged that the Defendant was obliged to provide subtitles when transmitting ITV channels live over the ITV Hub, known as ‘Simulcast’. The claimant was accepted as a disabled person under Equality Act 2010, s6, as he is deaf in both ears. The defendant submitted that Simulcast is exempt from the ‘reasonable adjustments’ requirement of the Equality Act by virtue of it being a ‘content service’, as defined by the Communications Act 2003.Held: The claimant’s statement of case is struck out for having no reasonable grounds. Simulcast is statutorily defined as a ‘Content service’ by the 2003 Act and therefore is excluded from the operation of reasonable adjustments duty by the exception provided in Equality Act 2010, para 31(1) of Schedule 3.

MOJ negligent in failing to prevent attack on vulnerable prisoner

Krstic v Ministry of Justice & Anor

The court held that the Ministry of Justice had been negligent in failing to prevent three prisoners from attacking another vulnerable, high-profile prisoner. The court found that the claimant should not have been moved to the prison, which lacked the necessary facilities to keep him safe from prisoners who had obvious motives for harming him. The court awarded damages for physical injuries and the severe post-traumatic stress disorder.