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County Court rules ITV does not need to provide subtitles on their ‘ITV Hub’ service

Maynard v ITV PLC Registered Office Claim No. D4QZ88PO

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Claire Darwin

The Claimant alleged that ITV was obliged to provide subtitles when transmitting content live over the ITV Hub, known as ‘Simulcast’. It was accepted that the Claimant was a disabled person under the Equality Act 2010, s6, as he is deaf.  ITV argued that Simulcast is exempt from the ‘duty to make reasonable adjustments’ by virtue of it being a ‘content service’ as defined by the Communications Act 2003.

Held: The Claimant’s statement of case was struck out. Simulcast is a ‘content service’ as defined by the 2003 Act and therefore is within the exception at the Equality Act 2010, para 31(1) of Schedule 3.

Claire Darwin acted for ITV.