Brexit round up- Week commencing 26 August 2019


Matrix’s Legal Support Service provides a round-up of Brexit-related links and news.

Brexit and the UK constitution


  1. More than 100 MPs have written to Boris Johnson urging him to recall Parliament because the country is facing “a national emergency” over Brexit.
  2. The Government has signed into law legislation to repeal the Act of Parliament which set in stone Britain’s EU (EEC) membership in 1972.
  3. Emmanuel Macron says no-deal Brexit would be UK’s fault as Boris Johnson takes backstop demand to Paris. Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn has said he agrees with Emmanuel Macron’s position on Brexit, after the French President described the Irish backstop as “indispensable”.
  4. The Guardian’s Rowena Mason, Rajeev Syal and Jennifer Rankin report that Brussels is already unimpressed by Boris Johnson’s letter demanding the replacement of the backstop in any Brexit deal. “A legally operable backstop to avoid a hard border remains central to the withdrawal agreement for the EU27,” a source tells the paper.

The UK’s post-Brexit deal with the EU

  1. A fresh Conservative row has erupted as veteran Tory Ken Clarke said he would be willing to head up a government of national unity if it was the “only way” to prevent Britain leaving the European Union without a deal. Meanwhile, Boris Johnson has accused Conservative Brexit rebels of “gravely damaging” the national interest and making it more likely that Britain will leave the European Union without a deal.
  2. Britain would face shortages of food, fuel and medicine as well as a hard border with Ireland if it leaves the European Union without a deal in October, a leaked batch of official government documents has revealed.
  3. Priti Patel is pushing for freedom of movement by European nationals into the UK to end on 31 October under a no-deal Brexit, it has been reported.