Brexit round up- Week commencing 2 September 2019


Matrix’s Legal Support Service provides a round-up of Brexit-related links and news.

Brexit and the UK constitution

  1. Parliament suspension sparks protests across the country and a petition with more than a million signatures.
  2. Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament is a “constitutional outrage” designed to stop MPs debating Brexit, John Bercow has declared. He is said to be “colluding” with Tory rebel Sir Oliver Letwin from his holiday in Turkey, in a bid to block the suspension of Parliament. The Daily Telegraph has more.
  3. MPs and lawyers battle to block Johnson attempt to prorogue parliament. Lawyers for the campaigner Gina Miller have made an urgent application to the High Court for a judicial review of Boris Johnson’s plan to prorogue parliament. Legal challenges have been brought before the Northern Irish and Scottish courts. Follow the Guardian’s live updates here.
  4. Ruth Davidson has quit as Scottish Tory leader. Sources cite irreconcilable differences with Boris Johnson over Brexit and pressures of motherhood.

The UK’s post- Brexit deal with the EU

  1. Boris Johnson has promised a renewed effort to secure a deal with the EU before the Brexit deadline. The UK’s negotiators will now meet EU counterparts twice a week in the run-up to a crucial summit on 17 October.
  2. Guy Verhofstadt has said that a five-week suspension unlikely to deliver stable future relationship.
  3. Jeremy Corbyn has said he is prepared to do “everything necessary” to prevent a no-deal Brexit.
  4. Rebel MPs are hatching plans to force Parliament to sit over next weekend in a last-ditch bid to block a no-deal Brexit.