Brexit round up- Week commencing 19 August 2019


Matrix’s Legal Support Service provides a round-up of Brexit-related links and news.

Brexit and the UK constitution

  1. House of Commons speaker John Bercow has promised to “fight with every breath in my body” to prevent Boris Johnson from proroguing Parliament in order to achieve a no-deal Brexit.
  2. More than half of the British public think Boris Johnson should shut down Parliament in order to achieve Brexit, a new poll has found. Meanwhile, a legal bid to stop Westminster shutdown goes to the Scottish courts.

The UK’s post-Brexit deal with the EU

  1. MPs who want to block a no-deal Brexit are running out of options and now stand little chance of stopping Boris Johnson from going through with it, according to a leading think tank.
  2. Jeremy Corbyn has urged fellow opposition party leaders and senior backbenchers to support him in a “time-limited” government to help block a no-deal Brexit. Opposition parties have given a mixed reaction and the Lib Dems have rejected Jeremy Corbyn’s call to make him PM to block no-deal Brexit.
  3. Philip Hammond has told Boris Johnson he risks a “betrayal” of the 2016 Brexit referendum if he leaves the European Union without an agreement. The Telegraph‘s Camilla Tominey reports that Philip Hammond sought advice from the Electoral Commission about holding a second referendum when he was Chancellor.
  4. Meanwhile, in veiled swipe at Philip Hammond, Boris Johnson has hit out at a “terrible collaboration” between MPs who want to block Brexit and the EU, saying it is forcing the UK towards no-deal. Boris Johnson has identified 9 September as the key date in the upcoming fight with MPs who want to block a no-deal Brexit, according to a senior Government source.
  5. Ministers draw up £25m plan to airlift medicines into Britain under a no-deal Brexit.
  6. Britain is “first in line” for a trade deal with the United States after Brexit, Donald Trump’s national security adviser has claimed.
  7. ANALYSIS How Boris Johnson is laying the groundwork to blame everyone but himself for a no-deal Brexit. Boris Johnson chose his words very carefully when he claimed MPs and the EU are in “collaboration” on Brexit, and it is all about winning the blame game in a no-deal scenario.

Impact of Brexit on the economy

  1. Boris Johnson’s Cabinet are preparing a bailout fund to prop up businesses at risk of collapse in a no-deal scenario amid fears of a recession.
  2. Sajid Javid is planning to unleash millions of special 50p Brexit coins on the British public in time for 31 October, it has been reported