Brexit: Advice and Commentary on Legal Issues


The UK decision to leave the EU will have profound implications for us all.

If you would like to discuss the implications for your clients and organisation, or require assistance, Matrix has an expert team of multidisciplinary lawyers who can assist in both advice and strategy in the a number of areas, including:

Matrix has recently published a series of free, downloadable articles on various legal topics concerning the EU referendum. These are all available on our website, and are listed below:

Article 1: The impact of EU law on the ‘sovereignty’ of the UK
Article 2: The New Settlement Agreement
Article 3: The Law of the EU Referendum
Article 4: The Post-23 June Process
Article 5: Immigration and Brexit
Article 6: Scotland and Brexit
Article 7: The Impact of Brexit on UK Security
Article 8: Brexit and Premier League Transfers

For more informaiton on what happens now, see Sir Paul Jenkins’  interview for the Global Government Forum.

Our full list of practice areas, can be found here.

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