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Our insights section provides a collection of blog posts, podcasts articles and recent webinar recordings involving Matrix members.  

The Matrix Law Pod Episode 19: The Verdict – Chauvin, Race & Policing

Subscribe on iTunes, Spotify and Acast.  Following the verdict in the George Floyd court case in the USA, Richard Hermer QC and Helen Mountfield QC speak with Prof. Craig Futterman, a Professor at the University of Chicago and the founder of the Civil Rights and Police Accountability Project of the Mandel Legal Aid Clinic, and Raju Bhatt, a […]

Why does the Ukrainian court need international experts? By Sir Anthony Hooper

This article has been translated from the original Ukrainian, published on Ukraine still faces a dilemma common to all countries where state institutions are perceived as corrupt: Why should citizens trust a candidate for a position in a state institution elected by a state body that has no credibility? In this context, Ukraine has […]

Webinar: Immigration and Trafficking Update

Date: 11th February 2021 Topics for discussion included: Trafficking- an update on DA &Others An update on Article 8 The Refugee and Hague Conventions and MN and IXU  v SSHD   This webinar is made available for general information purposes only. It does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied on as such advice. […]

The Matrix Law Pod Series 3 Episode 1: Hostile Environment

Subscribe on iTunes, Spotify and Acast.  The Matrix Law Pod is back for a third season. This week Samantha Knights QC and Raza Husain QC are joined by Maya Goodfellow, author of ‘Hostile Environments: How Immigrants Became Scapegoats’. Together they cover the history and origins of Hostile Environment, the broad consensus between Conservative and Labour parties on being […]

Case Preview: Zabolotnyi v The Mateszalka District Court, Hungary by Robbie Stern

On 23 February 2021, the Supreme Court will hear the appeal in Zabolotnyi v Mateszalka District Court.  The case concerns conditions in Hungarian prisons, and the approach to be taken in assessing and relying on assurances as to those conditions. Background The Appellant’s extradition is sought pursuant to a European Arrest Warrant issued by the Mateszalka […]