Reasonable adjustments

We are committed to making reasonable adjustments in order to remove or reduce substantial disadvantage for disabled or neurodiverse people (including where a mental health issue is classified as a disability) visiting, applying for a position at, or working in Matrix. There may also be circumstances in which adjustments to normal practices may be appropriate to assist people who are not disabled but otherwise have particular difficulties or needs.

For visitors

We aim to make our premises as accessible as possible for visitors with disabilities, including by having a wheelchair accessible lift and WCs, and meeting rooms on the ground floor. We will put further adjustments in place for disabled visitors and/or clients where reasonable.

If you require any adjustments when visiting Matrix, please contact the appropriate person with your request. The appropriate person will usually be the person who has responsibility for any disadvantage to you if the adjustment is not made. If in doubt, requests for reasonable adjustments should be directed to the HR Manager.

For applicants

We are an equal opportunities employer and are committed to diversity amongst our employees, trainees, and members, including supporting flexible working. We therefore encourage and welcome applications from people from groups which are underrepresented in the legal sector, including from those with disabilities. We will make reasonable adjustments to enable disabled or neurodiverse candidates (including where a mental health issue is classified as a disability) to demonstrate their suitability for the position, and we will state this alongside all our advertisements for positions at Matrix.

It is not possible to provide an exhaustive list of the reasonable adjustments that Matrix may make. However, some of the types of adjustment that may be made, if considered reasonable, are listed below.

  • Adjusting preparation time
  • Providing equipment
  • Providing information/application forms in alternative formats (e.g. on coloured paper, in large print, Braille etc)
  • Provision of a reader or interpreter when needed

Guaranteed interviews

Matrix offers guaranteed interviews to applicants who are disabled within the meaning of the Equality Act 2010, provided they meet the minimum requirements of the position for which they have applied. The minimum requirements for a guaranteed interview for traineeship are outlined in our Traineeship Brochure. To take advantage of the guaranteed interview scheme, it may be necessary to inform the individuals who assess applications for the post that you are disabled. If you wish to take advantage of the guaranteed interview scheme and you are happy for your disabled status to be disclosed to the assessors, you should tick the corresponding box on the application/covering form. If you prefer not to disclose the fact of your disability to the individuals who assess applications, you do not have to mention it on your application/covering form, however this may mean that you cannot be guaranteed an interview even if you meet the minimum requirements for the position.

Those wishing to discuss reasonable adjustments or anything else relating to a disability in connection with a recruitment exercise, in confidence and with someone unconnected to the recruitment process, are directed to contact one of Matrix’s Equality and Diversity Officers, whose name and email address is included with the application form.

For members, trainees, and employees

Reasonable adjustments will be offered to all new members, trainees, and employees, including those who do not disclose a disability on their application form. There is a reasonable adjustments policy that applies to members, trainees, and employees and is made available to all new starters.