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Matrix Judgments & Commentary

Matrix’s Legal Support Service produce summaries of cases that Matrix members are involved in, which you can find below. You can browse these through the search function on the right.

European Court of Justice orders MasterCard to repeal multilateral fallback interchange fees

MasterCard Inc. & Ors v Commission (C-382/12)

The Court of Justice dismissed the appeals brought against the General Court judgment in MasterCard Inc v European Commission (T-111/08) and thus validated the Commission’s decision prohibiting the multilateral interchange fees applied by MasterCard to cross-border transactions carried out by debit or credit card, bearing the MasterCard or Maestro logo, within the European Economic Area […]

EAT overrules ET’s strike out decision as Judge acted Wednesbury unreasonably

This case concerns the ET’s decision to strike out the case of a disabled litigant in person at a pre-hearing review because of his failure to comply with case management directions. The Claimant suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, stress and depression. The claimant arrived at the Tribunal shortly after the decision to strike out all […]

Court dismisses Badger Trust’s challenge against unmonitored badger culling

R (Badger Trust) v The Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs & Anor [2014] EWHC 2909 (Admin)

The claimants, Badger Trust, sought to challenge the decision of the Secretary of State to continue, for a second season, the culling of badgers by controlled shooting in two pilot areas without the programme being overseen by an Independent Expert Panel (IEP). The previous cull by controlled shooting was monitored by an IEP. The claimant’s […]

EAT overturns ET’s strike out decision in a constructive dismissal claim

Atkinson v Community Gateway Association UKEAT/0457/12/BA

The claimant alleged that he was the victim of constructive dismissal and brought proceedings against the respondent at the ET. The claimant alleged that he suffered a detriment at the result of a public interest disclosure (PID). The detriment was said to have been caused by the respondent’s chief executive officer and vice-chair. The ET […]

Court does not permit damages claim as ‘serious harm’ from defamation could not be proved

Cooke & Anor v MGN Ltd & Anor [2014] EWHC 2831 (QB)

The claimants sought damages for defamation. In this preliminary hearing the Court decided two issues: what was the meaning of the words complained of, and whether they caused ‘serious harm’ to the reputation of the claimants. The Court set out its understanding of the words at paragraphs [21-22] of the judgment. The Court noted that […]