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Articles and Downloads

A collection of articles, interviews and podcasts involving Matrix members.

Judicial Review in Criminal Proceedings: Part 1 by Anita Davies

Back in April I wrote a piece on the CCRC, and noted that in the face of a CCRC refusal, the only remedy is judicial review. In this two-part post I will be looking at the role of judicial review more widely in criminal proceedings, and some of the specific challenges that arise when public […]

The Matrix Law Podcast Episode 7: United Or Divided? The Virus And Devolution

The importance of the powers of the devolved administrations of the United Kingdom became clearer following the Prime Minister’s announcement that we were to begin relaxing the lockdown restrictions and each of the administrations adopted a slightly different approach. This week we speak to Prof Aileen McHarg, Dr Evelyn Collins CBE and Prof Daniel Wincott […]