Webinar: Is the Illegal Migration Bill legal? An international law perspective


Webinar: Wednesday 7 June 2023

Chair: Raza Husain KC

Panellists: Joanna Buckley, Zoe McCallum and Eleanor Mitchell 

Warnings have abounded that the Illegal Migration Bill violates international law. The Home Secretary has said she is “confident” that the Bill is compatible with the UK’s international obligations – but was unable to make a formal statement under the Human Rights Act that it was compatible with ECHR rights. With the Bill now in Committee stage in the House of Lords, how does it stack up – and what would it mean for the UK if it became law?

Matrix barristers with expertise in key areas of international law – including refugee law, human rights law, and modern slavery –  discussed and analysed this hugely important and highly controversial piece of legislation.

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