Brexit round up – Week commencing 8 July 2019


Matrix’s Legal Support Service provides a round-up of Brexit-related links and news.

Brexit and the UK constitution

  1. David Liddington has warned Theresa May’s Cabinet that there is a ‘real risk’ of the UK breaking up, with all four nations going their own way in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

The UK’s post-Brexit deal with the EU

  1. Boris Johnson has promised to get the UK ‘match fit’ to leave the EU without a deal if he becomes Prime Minister – as MPs prepared a fresh attempt to thwart his plans. He has insisted he is ‘not bluffing’ about a no deal Brexit amid warnings from two Cabinet ministers – Philip Hammond and Scottish Secretary David Mundell – that pursuing such a course would crash the pound and threaten the union.
  2. John McDonnell has piled pressure on Jeremy Corbyn for Labour to back Remain in a second referendum ‘sooner rather than later’.
  3. Jeremy Hunt has stated that he will not let close ally Amber Rudd join his Cabinet if she refuses to sign up to plans for a no-deal Brexit.
  4. Dominic Grieve has unveiled a plan to try and prevent Boris Johnson suspending Parliament to push a no-deal Brexit in the face of MPs’ opposition. MPs voted 294-293 in favour of his amendment.
  5. Whitehall’s top mandarins are infuriated at the way they are coming under increasing attack by some politicians and sections of the media amid the heated political climate unleashed by Brexit.
  6. Former prime minister Sir John Major has told the BBC he would seek a judicial review in the courts if the new prime minister tried to suspend Parliament to deliver a no-deal Brexit.

Impact of Brexit on the economy

  1. The European Medicines Agency has ended a landmark Brexit legal dispute over its Canary Wharf headquarters after agreeing a deal to offload its office to the US serviced office giant Wework.
  2. The Financial Times has reported that Britain’s currency has fallen to levels last regularly traded more than two years ago amid persistent uncertainty over Brexit and deepening economic concerns.
  3. MPs have warned that transport Secretary Chris Grayling must ramp up no-deal Brexit preparations or risk a repeat of the ferry fiasco which cost taxpayers tens of millions of pounds.
  4. The Bank of England has warned that the ‘perceived likelihood’ of a no-deal Brexit had increased, which would bring with it ‘material risks of economic disruption’ and ‘significant’ market volatility.

Brexit as it affects Practice Areas:


The number of EU nationals deported from the UK more than doubled from 2013 to 2017, according to an analysis by the Oxford Migration Observatory of the Government’s drive to remove people for breaches of free-movement rules or criminal offences.


The FT reports that Brexit is causing some students and parent to consider language learning unnecessary and irrelevant, increasing the language divide between rich and poor.


Amanda Boag, the outgoing President of the UK’s veterinary regulator, the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, has warned that ‘a no-deal Brexit could lead to significant issues with animal health and welfare’.