Brexit round up – Week commencing 3 June 2019


Matrix’s Legal Support Service provides a round-up of Brexit-related links and news.

Brexit and the UK constitution

  1. The Institute for Government has published a report, Parliament after Brexit, that suggests parliament should address the issues raised during Brexit—namely problems with parliamentary processes and the relationship between government ministers and MPs.
  2. Donald Trump has insisted Brexit poses no threat to the Irish border, saying before talks with Leo Varadkar that the frontier will be ‘just fine’ after Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, and comparing the issue to the Mexican wall.
  3. For The UK in a Changing Europe, Professor Graham Wilson has written an article discussing how two nations are divided in the context of Trump and Brexit.

The UK’s post-Brexit deal with the EU

  1. Donald Trump arrived in the UK on Monday for a three-day visit amid a major political row over the inclusion of the NHS in a post-Brexit trade deal with the United States.
  2. The DUP could call on the next UK prime minister to commit to seeking ‘alternative arrangements’ to the Brexit backstop plan for Northern Ireland when their agreement with the Conservative Government comes up for ‘review’ this summer.
  3. Theresa May has abandoned her attempts to make progress on Brexit before she steps down as prime minister, leaving her successor little time to break the political deadlock at Westminster before the scheduled Brexit date of October 31st. Meanwhile, Boris Johnson has warned that the Tories face ‘extinction’ if Brexit is not delivered in October. However Michael Gove has stated that the October Brexit deadline is arbitrary.
  4. The Financial Times has written a piece on Brexit and the lesson of D-Day, stressing that the importance of global alliances is not only relevant when dealing with Donald Trump.
  5. For In Facts, Hugo Dixon has written that Brexit equals being bullied by Trump, China, and even the EU.
  6. Dominic Raab has been branded a “dictator” as his rivals for the Tory leadership condemned his refusal to rule out shutting down Parliament in order to deliver a no-deal Brexit.

Impact of Brexit on the economy

  1. Conservative leadership candidates have been warned by Stephen Phipson of Make UK that they are already putting Britain’s manufacturing jobs at risk by talking up the prospect of a no-deal Brexit. Whilst Andrea Leadsom has revealed plans for a ‘managed’ no-deal Brexit, Matt Hancock and Rory Stewart have warned of the risks of such a move, and Sam Gyimah has pledged for a second Brexit referendum.
  2. The number of new foreign direct investment projects in the UK fell 13% last year as uncertainty over Brexit deterred investors, according to EY.
  3. The House of Commons Library has published a briefing paper on the impact of Brexit on consumers rights in the UK, summarising the current structure of the UK consumer protection regime and EU consumer policy and provides an outline of the possible impact of Brexit for UK consumers, including in a no deal scenario.

Brexit as it affects Practice Areas:


Immigration minister Caroline Nokes has heard from the construction industry over post-Brexit immigration system.

For The Times, Kerry Garcia has argued that the Brexit settlement scheme could give us Windrush part 2.