Brexit round up- Week commencing 20 January 2020


The UK’s post- Brexit relationship with the EU

  1. The EU negotiating team is gearing up for talks with the UK about the post-Brexit relationship by holding a series of seminars for diplomats from the 27 member states.
  2. The European Union will “not be rushed” into signing off on post-Brexit agreements with Britain despite a UK law setting a fixed deadline on the talks, Ireland’s deputy prime minister has warned. Meanwhile, Leo Varadkar has called for a ‘level playing field’ on Brexit negotiations.
  3. Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal is “bad for our Union and for our economy”, Theresa May’s former top aide has declared.
  4. The EU trade chief has said that a Full Brexit trade deal by the end of the year is ‘just not possible.’
  5. The UK will not deport EU citizens if they fail to apply for settled status, the European parliament’s Brexit co-ordinator has said.
  6. The Treasury will need to find almost £2bn a year to fill the hole left when EU funding for some of Britain’s poorest communities ends after Brexit, ministers have been told.