Brexit round up- Week commencing 2 December 2019


The UK’s post- Brexit relationship with the EU

  1. Jeremy Corbyn has stated that he will remain neutral in any second referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union. Meanwhile, the Labour party have launched a new strategy to focus on Brexit-backing voters in the final fortnight before the December General Election.
  2. This week, Boris Johnson unveiled the Tory manifesto with pledge not to raise taxes and ‘to get Brexit done’ before Christmas.
  3. It is not clear how the proposed customs border in the Irish sea will work after Brexit, an influential think-tank have warned. The Times has more.
  4. The Northern Irish DUP is set to make changes to Brexit deal, if Boris Johnson remains prime minister after the general election.
  5. Michel Barnier has pledged to prioritise UK trade deal post- Brexit and has warned of a short timeframe to secure future relationship. Meanwhile, Charles Michel, who replaces Donald Tusk says the EU has to work hard to keep unity.

Impact of Brexit on the Economy

  1. How has the Brexit vote affected the UK economy? The Guardian has its November verdict.
  2. Trade experts have said that Boris Johnson’s ‘arbitrary’ Brexit deadline will damage the UK economy.