Brexit round up – Week commencing 18 November 2019


Brexit and the UK Constitution

  1. In the led up to the UK General Election, campaigners for a second Brexit referendum have urged election candidates to step aside in 100 seats to avoid splitting pro-referendum support and maximise the number of pro-EU MPs elected on 12 December.
  2. A Brexit Party candidate in a key Labour marginal has dramatically stood down in order to improve the chances of the Conservatives winning the seat.
  3. A majority of Britons would not mind if Northern Ireland left the UK so long as they got their preferred Brexit outcome, a new poll has found.

The UK’s post- Brexit relationship with the EU

  1. Brussels has begun legal proceedings against the UK after the Government failed to nominate a new EU Commissioner.
  2. David Gauke, the former justice secretary, has warned that a Conservative victory in the upcoming general election would put the UK on course for a no-deal Brexit at the end of 2020.
  3. Outgoing Europeaan Council President Donald Tusk has urged British voters not to “give up” on stopping Brexit.

Impact of Brexit on the Economy

  1. Countries including Australia have asked for trade compensation from the UK and the EU over Brexit disruption.