Brexit round up – Week commencing 11 November 2019


Brexit and the UK Constitution

  1. Opinion polls show Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservatives with a healthy advantage over the opposition Labour party. At this early stage of the campaign, it averages about 8 percentage points.
  2. Three parties strongly committed to Britain remaining in the EU — the Liberal Democrats, Greens and Plaid Cymru — have today announced a pact to maximise their chances of winning seats at the general election.
  3. Labour’s membership is on course to hit half a million again following a surge in applications after the general election was called. Meanwhile, Tom Watson has announced he is to quit Parliament and as Labour’s deputy leader at the general election.
  4. John Bercow has said that Brexit is the UK’s ‘biggest blunder’ in 70 years.

Britain’s post-Brexit relationship with the EU

  1. The EU has said it did not amend Theresa May’s Brexit deal for Boris Johnson and only ‘clarified’ it. The Independent has more.
  2. Boris Johnson has said that single market access after Brexit is a ‘great deal’ for Northern Ireland.

Impact of Brexit on the economy

  1. The Pound has fallen as Bank of England says Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal will hurt UK economy. Meanwhile, the Bank has said it is ready to cut rates if the economy slows further.