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The Arbitration Intersections Podcast: Episode 1 – Bilateral Claims Commissions

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Prof. Sean Murphy, Alison Macdonald

Welcome to the first episode of Matrix’s new podcast series, available to download for free each month.

Arbitration increasingly interacts with a wide range of specialist areas of law. Through a series of short 20 minute interviews, members of Matrix and other legal experts explore international arbitration and how it intersects with other specialist legal issues.

Download now: Podcast 1 – Bilateral Claims Commissions 

In this podcast, Professor Sean Murphy and Alison Macdonald discuss bilateral claims commissions. The mass resolution of claims arising out of particular inter-state disputes differs in many respects from more familiar ad hoc arbitrations. Sean and Alison consider why particular conflicts, such as Iran/US, Eritrea/Ethiopia and Kuwait/Iraq, have led to such commissions being set up.

Professor Sean Murphy is a member of Matrix, Patricia Roberts Harris Research Professor of Law at George Washington University, and a member of the UN International Law Commission. Alison Macdonald is a member of Matrix and has an extensive civil, criminal and arbitration practice in both domestic and international courts and tribunals.