Davina’s week at Matrix

My week at matrix has been even better than I anticipated. You might think they’ll give you the classic unfortunate pre-university work experience of essentially being a human coffee machine, but actually, it was me who was being offered the coffee! Everyone was great, the staff was genuinely friendly, and the office space and overall building was clean and stylish. The atmosphere in the chambers office was vibrant and relaxed, which put me at ease.

On the first day we were given an induction to the office and introduced to people running the many different departments which make up the chambers. After interrogating the majority of them with my work experience partner, I came away with a newfound respect for the people who work behind the scenes to enable the Barristers to do what they do. Previously, I was under the impression that Barristers worked completely alone, and carried the burden of everything themselves. I now know that they are usually supported by a hardworking group of individuals who probably deserve more recognition than they get.

Throughout the week, we accompanied different barristers to view them in court, which was probably one of my favourite parts of the experience. It was cool to see the finished product of all the preparation we saw in the chambers, and I had a great time watching the trials we were taken to see. Overall, this placement was extremely informative and educational, but in an enjoyable way, which has reinforced my desire to pursue a career as a barrister in the future.