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Competition Law and Regulation

Matrix has a team of barristers who specialise in applying for injunctions and resisting such applications. These cases arise in many areas of work including in particular unlawful competition cases in employment and commercial contexts and media and information cases. Our employment work includes applications to enforce post-termination restraints and garden leave, springboard relief cases, injunctions to prevent team moves, restraining the use or disclosure of confidential information and to recover and prevent the use of confidential information.  Our broader commercial work includes applications for search and freezing orders, anti-suit injunctions and committal for contempt. Our media and information injunction work includes both seeking and resisting applications for pre-publication injunctions in relation to the media, where, for example, the proposed publication is alleged to be in breach of an individual’s privacy rights or confidential.  We have experience in both employment and media work of applying for injunctions under the Protection from Harassment Act and also in cases of threats of blackmail.

Matrix has a dedicated injunctions hotline available 24 hours a day for any urgent requests: +44(0)20 7611 7977.

Particular examples of the sorts of injunction applications in which we are regularly involved include the following:

  • Prohibitory injunctions to restrain wrong-doing, such as breach of contract, including post-termination restraints,
  • Confidentiality injunctions to restrain the use or disclosure of commercially confidential information,
  • Delivery up and deletion injunctions to require the return of material and/or the recovery and deletion of wrongly removed confidential information,
  • Springboard injunctions to deprive a person of a head-start wrongly obtained,
  • Search orders for the search of premises to find confidential material wrongly removed or evidence of wrong-doing,
  • Freezing orders to restrain a person from dissipating assets,
  • Norwich Pharmacal orders to discover the identity of wrong-doers,
  • Gagging or privacy orders to prevent the revelation of private information,
  • Super injunctions which not only enjoin a person from doing something, but also restrain the person from revealing the existence of the proceedings.

This work regularly involves members of our team acting at high speed in order to obtain court orders as quickly as possible so preserving a client’s position ”

Examples of our cases include:

  • D v P [2016] ICR 688: a judgment concerning the exercise of discretion to grant an injunction in an application to enforce post-termination restraints.
  • Arthur J Gallagher v Skriptchenkov [2016] EWHC 603: application for wide ranging relief for the delivery up of and deletion of information from computers and for springboard relief.
  • Prophet v Huggett [2014] IRLR 797: application for injunctive relief to enforce restrictive covenant.
  • Ashworth v Royal National Theatre [2014] IRLR 526: claim by professional musicians for interim injunction reinstating them pending the trial of their claim for wrongful dismissal.
  • Warm Zones v Thurley [2014] IRLR 791: claim for mandatory relief for imaging of ex-employees’ computers.
  • AT Kearney v Baigorri [2014] EWHC 4419: application for injunction to restrain team move being conducted outside UK.


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Michelle Butler
Called: 2007 Solicitor: 2002
Claire Darwin
Called: 2005 Called: 2018 (Ireland)
Catrin Evans QC
Called: 1994 Silk: 2016
Nicholas Gibson
Called: 2009, Called: 2020 (Ireland) Solicitor: 2004
Ian Helme
Called: 2005
Anthony Hudson QC
Call: 1996 Silk: 2015
Janet Kentridge
Called: 1999
Thomas Kibling
Called: 1990
Samantha Knights QC
Called: 1996 Silk: 2018
James Laddie QC
Called: 1995 Silk: 2012
Sara Mansoori
Called: 1997
Zoe McCallum
Called: 2016
Gavin Millar QC
Called: 1981 Silk: 2000 Called: 2010 (Northern Ireland)
Clare Montgomery QC
Called: 1980 Silk: 1996 Called: 2001 (Northern Ireland)
Laura Prince
Called: 2003
Mathew Purchase QC
Called: 2002 Silk: 2021
Nicholas Randall QC
Called: 1990 Silk: 2013
Matthew Ryder QC
Called: 1992 Silk: 2010
Ben Silverstone
Called: 2009
Jessica Simor QC
Called: 1992 Silk: 2013
Paul Skinner
Called: 2010
Lorna Skinner QC
Called: 1997 Silk: 2021
Andrew Smith
Called: 2008
Rhodri Thompson QC
Called: 1989 Silk: 2002
Hugh Tomlinson QC
Called: 1983 Silk: 2002
Guy Vassall-Adams QC
Called: 2000 Silk: 2016
Antony White QC
Called: 1983 (England & Wales) Silk: 2001 Called: 2016 (Northern Ireland)