The High Court allows appeal against decision of the Gender Recognition Panel


Photo by Mahosadha Ong on Unsplash

In AB v. Gender Recognition Panel [2024] EWHC 1456 (Fam) the High Court allowed an appeal against a decision of the Gender Recognition Panel to refuse AB a gender recognition certificate. The Court held that the Panel had erred in law when determining whether AB was “living in the other gender” for the purposes of section 1(1)(a) of the Gender Recognition Act 2004. The evidence presented to the Panel presented a clear and consistent picture of a person who had lived as female for over a decade. Further, the Court concluded that it was procedurally unfair for the Panel to dismiss the application without allowing AB to address their concerns.

The Court allowed the appeal and issued a gender recognition certificate.

Sarah Hannett KC was instructed to act as Advocate to the Court.

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