Supreme Court rules the plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda is unlawful


Photo by Francais on Unsplash

The Supreme Court has upheld the judgment of the Court of Appeal that Rwanda is not a safe country for the UK to send asylum seekers to, for determination of their claims.

The Court of Appeal had ruled that due to serious deficiencies in the Rwandan asylum system there are substantial grounds to believe there are real risks persons sent to Rwanda will be returned to their home countries, from which they were fleeing persecution or ill-treatment. The removal of asylum seekers to Rwanda will be unlawful unless and until those deficiencies are corrected.  The Supreme Court held that there were no grounds for interfering with that decision.

Raza Husain KCPhillippa Kaufmann KC and Anirudh Mathur acted for the claimants instructed by Duncan Lewis.

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