Shrewsbury 24 Pickets Case back before the Court of Appeal after 47 years


The case concerns the long running disputed public order convictions of trade unionists in the building industry. Freshly discovered evidence by the pickets’ researcher Eileen Turnbull now shows that original witness statements were destroyed, and the defence were not told that this had happened. A documentary that was aired during the trial did not cause the judge to discharge jurors or robustly direct the jury that they should not allow its content to prejudice their verdicts.  It has since been disclosed that a covert Government agency, acting under the auspices of the Foreign Office and MI6, made a substantial contribution to the anti-communist content of the program.

Danny Friedman QC acts for 12 of the 14 appellants. He is leading Ben Newton, Doughty Street Chambers. They are instructed by Jamie Potter and Kate Goold of Bindmans LLP. Judgment has been reserved.

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