Report published calling for new EU legislation to ensure garment workers are paid a living wage


Photo by Christian Lue on Unsplash

Jessica Simor QC has authored a report arguing for the payment of a living wage for garment workers working in the supply chain. 80% of garment workers are women and earn some of the lowest wages in the world.

The report has been published by The Circle, an NGO which aims to support women and girls globally.

Jessica comments:

“Minimum wages in garment producing countries are way below that necessary to provide for a basic decent life. This in turn makes it difficult for garment and footwear retailers, when contracting factories within those states, to ensure that the workers who produce their goods are paid a living wage. This is proved by the fact that nearly all due diligence statements from large retailers admit that only the statutory minimum wage is paid. Legislation is needed to address structural deficiencies in the market, which cannot be met merely by due diligence statements or voluntary agreements. If we are serious about protecting human rights and promoting sustainable development, then workers cannot continue to be paid wages that do nothing more than sustain poverty. Renumeration must be sufficient to ensure a basic decent life and allow for the prospect of change.”

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