Relatives of the Hyde Park bombing victims take civil action against alleged IRA bomber


Lord Daniel Brennan QC is appearing on behalf of alleged victims in a 3-day civil action brought against convicted IRA member John Downey over his involvement in the Hyde Park attack. Relatives of the four Royal Household Cavalrymen who died in the Hyde Park bombing in 1982 are bringing a murder charge against Downey for his involvement in the bombing.

Speaking in Court, Lord Brennan QC said: “Thirty-seven years after, if justice can properly be done, as it can be in this case, then let it be done.” He said there was “clear” evidence that Downey was involved; his fingerprints were found on two parking tickets used on the bomb car shortly before the explosion. Lord Brennan said of the bombing: “Its objective was cold-blooded killing, with vicious brutality and maximum harm. The claimant’s case is that these devastating consequences were intended, including the murder of these four soldiers.” He continued “This was a highly organised precision murder”.

Judgment will take place on 18 December 2019.