Professor Christian Tams to speak at Chinese University of Hong Kong: ‘The World Court at (nearly) 100: Reflections on a Century of International Adjudication’


Professor Christian Tams will speak at the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s online seminar on the World Court’s role and record over a century of international adjudication, aiming to encourage reflection on the current state of inter-state dispute settlement and the evolving functions of international courts.

The Permanent Court  of International Justice became operational in 1922/1923, and since then has rendered judgments in inter-State cases and responded to requests for advisory opinions — first as the PCIJ, then, from 1946 onwards, in the World Court‘s second incarnation, as the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The talk will draw on his experience as counsel in ICJ litigation, and his academic work, notably as editor of The Statute of the International Court of Justice (3rd edn., Zimmermann & Tams, Oxford 2019).

Please click here for the edited book.

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