Professor Christian Tams has recently co-authored the following publications


The EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (Handels- und Zusammenarbeitsabkommen EU/VK. Handbuch)

  • Editor(s): Gesa Kübek, Christian J. Tams, Jörg Philipp Terhechte
  • This Handbook (in German) offers a comprehensive account of the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement – the first book-length treatment of this central post-Brexit Treaty
  • The book can be purchased here.   

Investment Protection, Human Rights, and International Arbitration in Extraordinary Times

  • Editor(s): Julian Scheu, Rainer Hofmann, Stephan W. Schill, Christian J. Tams
  • In 12 chapters, the volume analyses interactions between investment law and human rights.
  • The book can be purchased here.

The World Court’s Influence on Contemporary Investment Law

  • Author(s): Christian J Tams and Eleni Methymaki.
  • This chapter traces the influence of ICJ decisions in internation investment proceedings. It forms part of a newly-published collection edited by Hélène Ruiz Fabri and Edoardo Stoppioni, entitled  International Investment Law: An Analysis of the Major Decisions
  • The book can be purchased here.

Swords, Shields and Other Beasts: The Role of Countermeasures in Investment Arbitration

  • Author(s): Eran Sthoeger and Christian J. Tams
  • Article in the ICSID Review Foreign Investment Law Journal, Volume 37, Issue 1-2, Winter/Spring 2022, Pages 121–137.
  • This contribution assesses the role of countermeasures in investment arbitration. Highlighting tensions between traditional forms of ‘private‘ law enforcement and binding dispute resolution, the authors argue that investment arbitration has not entirely opted out of countermeasures.  Under certain circumstances, countermeasures remain available, in their two forms as enforcement measure (‘sword‘) and defence (‘shield‘).
  • This article forms part of the ICSID Review, reflecting on the 20th Anniversary of the Articles on Responsibility of States for Internationally Wrongful Acts, with contributions by leading scholars and practitioners.
  • For access see here.


COMING SOON: The Settlement of International Disputes: Basic Documents

  • Editor(s): Christian J Tams and Antonios Tzanakopoulos
  • The second edition of this book provides practitioners, scholars and students, scholars of International Law with easy access to the key primary sources in international dispute settlement, allowing users to focus on engaging with the primary material, rather than trying to source it.