NHS Digital ends agreement allowing Home Office to request NHS patient data to target individuals for deportation


An agreement allowing the Home Office to request patient data from the NHS to target people for deportation has been abandoned following a legal challenge.

In May 2018, the Government announced that the data-sharing deal set out in a memorandum of understanding between the Home Office and NHS Digital would be suspended, following a legal challenge.  NHS Digital has now confirmed that it will completely withdraw from the data-sharing deal, bringing the agreement to an end. The judicial review was brought by the Migrants Rights Network,  represented by Liberty. Guy Vassall-Adams QC, Sarah Hannett and Aidan Wills from Matrix Chambers, acting pro bono, represented MRN. The claim challenged the MOU on the grounds that it violated patient confidentiality, discriminated against non-British patients and left seriously unwell people fearful of seeking medical assistance. For further information, please see here.