Matrix launches ‘Online Publication Claims: A Practical Guide’


Matrix has launched a new book for practitioners bringing or defending ‘media law’ civil claims arising out of online publication, entitled Online Publication Claims: A Practical Guide. It is edited by Hugh Tomlinson QC and Guy Vassall-Adams QC. To find out more you can visit our dedicated website for the book: www.matrixmediabook.com.

The book, available to purchase as a physical book and an e-book, will be on sale from 9 November 2017 on Amazon.

Chapter authors include: Darryl Hutcheon, Sara Mansoori, Ben Silverstone, Kirsten Sjovoll, Aidan Wills and guest contributor Dave King from Digitalis. The contributing editors are Gavin Millar QC, Lorna Skinner, and Antony White QC.

The book’s aim is to provide a “road map” for what is an expanding but, for many, unfamiliar area of litigation. It deals with private law tort claims in which claimants seek to assert their article 8 rights to reputation or privacy in the Courts of England and Wales: in particular defamation, harassment, breach of confidence, misuse of private information and data protection.