Kate Cook writes on the right to life in an era of pollution and climate change


Kate Cook has been featured in the European Human Rights Law Review with her latest article A mutually informed approach: the right to life in an era of pollution and climate change.

The article discusses developments in international law, including the adoption of the Paris Agreement, the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction and General Comment No.36 on the right to life, indicating the need for an integrated and informed application of the right to life to the unprecedented risks now posed by environmental pollution and climate change.

Kate Cook explains that existing human rights jurisprudence provides clear guidance for accountability in this area and States should adopt a proactive approach to such risks, responding in a meaningful way to the best available science and to local concerns, be vigilant in the protection of vulnerable individuals and communities and integrate consideration of threats to the right to life into policies and measures relevant to climate mitigation.

You can read the full article here [Westlaw].