Just Stop Oil protesters acquitted of causing criminal damage to BP fuel pumps


Photo by Alejandra Fisichella on EyeEm

The Defendants participated in a Just Stop Oil protest at Clacket Lane Motorway Services on 28 April 2022, whereby they smashed the screens of the fuel pumps with glass hammers and sprayed aerosol paint through the punctures. They proceeded to glue themselves to the fuel pumps.

In a three-week trial at Guildford Crown Court, the Defendants gave evidence that:

  1. The damage was necessary to prevent death by climate catastrophe;
  2. They acted to prevent crime (fraudulent misrepresentations by BP as to its responsibility for the climate crisis); and
  3. ⁠They honestly believed that shareholders of BP were entitled to consent to the damage and would have consented to it, if they had fully understood the consequences of selling fossil fuels on the environment.

The jury unanimously found the Defendants not guilty of causing criminal damage.

Jack Boswell represented the Defendants, instructed by Hodge Jones & Allen.