Julian B. Knowles QC secures clemency for British death row prisoner in Egypt


Julian B. Knowles QC has assisted the human rights charity, Reprieve, to secure clemency for a British man under sentence of death in Egypt. In November 2014 Julian advised and assisted the charity on the drafting of a clemency application on behalf of Charles Ferndale, aged 75, who was sentenced to death by an Egyptian court in June 2013 for attempting to smuggle three tons of cannabis into Egypt.

As a result of this application, Mr Ferndale has had his death sentence commuted by the Egyptian President, as have his three co-defendants from The Seychelles. All four men are now seeking transfers back to their home countries, and it is hoped that Mr Ferndale will return to the UK in the first half of this year.

Julian is one of the UK’s leading experts on death penalty issues.  He has appeared in many capital constitutional cases in the Privy Council and was formerly the Death Penalty Director of Reprieve. He is a Director of the Death Penalty Project, and the author of The Abolition of the Death Penalty in the United Kingdom: How it Happened and Why it Still Matters (2015).