Infected Blood Inquiry Publishes Final Report


Photo by Sasar on iStock

Sir Brian Langstaff, the inquiry chair, published the Infected Blood Inquiry final report and found that victims of the inquiry had been failed “not once, but repeatedly.”

The inquiry was established to investigate contaminated blood and blood products used by the UK National Health Services to treat patients in the 1970s and 1980s. It is estimated that over 30,000 individuals were infected with serious conditions and caused more than 3000 fatalities.

The report found that not enough was done to prevent the use of blood products from high-risk donors. The blood products were not treated using proper procedure to eliminate HIV until the end of 1985, although the risks were known in 1982. Additionally, there was insufficient testing done to reduce the risk of hepatitis in blood products from the 1970s onwards.

Karon Monaghan KC and Philip Dayle (No5 Chambers) represented Core Participants, all of whom were infected with both HIV and Hepatitis C, following treatment for haemophilia. They were instructed by Saunders Law.

Aidan O’Neill KC represented Affected and Infected Scottish Core Participants up until 2020, as did Kirsten Sjøvoll up until summer 2021, instructed by Thompson Solicitors.

The final report can be found here.