Independent Commission for Equity in Cricket report concludes discrimination was widespread


Sports Law

Ian Helme acted as legal advisor for the Independent Commission for Equity in Cricket in producing their report ‘Holding Up A Mirror To Cricket’. The long-awaited independent report, which followed a two-year investigation, has concluded discrimination was ‘widespread’ in English and Welsh cricket.

The landmark report calls for urgent reform to tackle racism, sexism, elitism and class-based discrimination in cricket. The need for diversity in leadership, and an established EDI strategy was stark. The game’s structures lead to racial disparities and discrimination, and the ICEC heard many examples of stereotyping, exclusion and racist behaviour. In order to address the class barriers the talent pathway must be overhauled to be free of direct costs, more meritocratic, inclusive and accountable.

Matrix Chambers’ Legal Support Service also acted as proofreaders of the report.

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