Illegal migration bill fundamentally inconsistent with UK’s international legal obligations


Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

The Illegal Migration Bill is currently the subject of intense debate as it moves between the House of Lords and the Commons.

Raza Husain KC and Eleanor Mitchell contributed to a comprehensive Joint Opinion which explains how, without significant amendment, the Bill will effectively extinguish the right to seek asylum in the UK and result in clear and serious violations of the UK’s obligations under the Refugee Convention, the European Convention Against Trafficking, the European Convention on Human Rights, and other international treaties. The Bill will also undermine long-established domestic safeguards against arbitrary detention, and curtail the courts’ constitutional role as an independent check on the lawfulness of executive action.

These are essential considerations for any country which takes its international legal obligations and the rule of law seriously.

Read the full Opinion (including an accessible Executive Summary) here and Raza Husain’s related piece in the Times here.