IBA launches new Rule of Law Initiative


The International Bar Association has launched a new initiative, The Rule of Law, at its annual conference in Rome.

The initiative encourages lawyers to start a dialogue in the wider society in order to create a more widely shared understanding of the Rule of Law’s important place in everyone’s lives. Martin Solc, the President of the IBA, said:

“We live in times where many people are noticing that the Rule of Law is at risk, including in countries where until recently it was felt to be secure.”

The theme of this initiative, ‘Look after the Rule of Law and it will look after you’, is highlighted in a number of short videos created by the IBA, each of which illustrate an element of the Rule of Law. To view these videos and find out more information, please see here. 

The IBA annual conference is one of the legal profession’s largest international events, bringing together legal practitioners from the across the globe. This year the annual conference is taking place in Rome. Matrix members Kate Cook, Professor Zachary Douglas QC, Rhodri Thompson QC and Angeline Welsh are all speaking at the conference. Our Chief Executive Rachel Holmes, Practice Director Jason Housden, Senior Practice Manager Paul Venables and Practice Manager Elizabeth Bousher are all also in attendance.