Hugh Southey QC speaking on ‘Stateless children: orphanage tourism – rights of the child’ at the IBA Seoul


Hugh Southey QC is delivering at the International Bar Association’s annual conference in Seoul on Thursday 26th September on the difficulties faced in modern families when children are born outside the ‘traditional’ family structures. The panel considers the plight of children removed from their families and placed into orphanages. In some cases, the children are not orphans at all but their parents have been ‘persuaded’ to give up their children and they are subsequently ‘adopted’, sometimes overseas. There can, if corruption is taking place, be a huge revenue for these establishments. The panel examines the issue of ‘orphanage tourism’ and highlight the worldwide attempts to control and prohibit the removal of children in these circumstances.

Hugh is speaking alongside immigration and family law specialists Anne O’Donoghue (Session Chair), Barbara Connolly QC (Moderator), Jacqueline Bart and Jeanie Kim.

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